Welcome to Year 2

Our Wonderful Teachers

Team 2

Miss Pyles, Mrs Dijkstra, Ms Lewis (Team Leader), Ms Madgwick and Mrs Smaill

(Left to right)

Our Classes

Room 9

Ms Hanna Pyles

Room 10

Ms Lis Lewis & Mrs Sue Dijkstra

Room 13

Ms Anna Madgwick

Room 14

Mrs Pam Smaill

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Home Learning Support

Year 2 Structure Literacy Home Learning 2023

Structured Literacy Home Learning navigation slide to support our class learning. Stage 1-4 is supported with letter formation animations to practise correct directionality to build automaticity and neatness. There are also word lists that support the grapheme/phoneme relationship and rules for those sounds, as well as decodable texts to reinforce segmenting 

Mathematics Games are an important way of consolidating foundational number knowledge and concept building. Concrete materials are essential to 'visualise' new knowledge before it will become abstract (imaging).

Koru Games

Study Ladder will be coming soon...this is a way of assigning specific learning activities to reinforce in-class learning at home or during our Mathematics rotation.

Communication Newsletters from the Year 2 Team