Room 13

Welcome to Room 13

We are a year 2 class and our teacher is Ms Madgwick

Our Learning Showcases

What is a learning showcase?

It's a slide deck we regularly update to show what we've been doing at school in our classroom.  It might include photos, videos and text.

2023 T1 R13 Learning Showcase

Term 1

2023 Term 3 Room 13 Learning Showcase
2023 T2 Room 13 Learning Showcase
2023 T4 Room 13 Learning Showcase

Our Timetable

What are we doing today?

Here is a brief overview of what we do each day at school. 

This timetable changes regularly so sometimes when we get to school it will be different to what is on our website.

Remember to check our whanau notices for updates, things we need to remember, items we need to bring to school and lots of other important information

Resources to help our learning

Year 2 Structure Literacy Home Learning 2023

Structured Literacy Home Learning navigation slide to support our class learning